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Xia Chen

Dr Xia Chen

Research Fellow


University of Southampton

Research summary

I am doing research on silicon photonics. The continuous advances of technologies for computers, Internet, smart phones etc. are making our daily life more convenient than ever. All those are relied on the exponential growth in information processing and transmission capacity, as summarized by Moore’s law. One key component is the electric integrated circuit (IC), which have over of over one billion transistors on a tiny silicon chip and sophisticated network within for real time signal processing. The power consumption and heat generation from electrical signal transmission to/in the chip is increasingly a bottleneck hindering the future advances of information process system. Optics offers a potential solution to the increasing heat dissipation of on-chip communications. Optical communication, which uses light instead of the electrical signal, has the advantages of large bandwidth, high density and low power consumption. Therefore, silicon-based photonic integrated circuit is considered as a promising solution to provide the large communication bandwidth and low power consumption required for off-chip and on-chip interconnects in future microprocessors. In addition to a simple transmission link, the integration of optical systems and electric systems in a single silicon chip can potentially lead to other revolutionary application, such as lab-on-a-chip, which has imbedded optical sensing and electrical signal processing components. My work is to develop new silicon photonics components for the high speed communication link, to enhance the efficiency of fiber-chip coupling and to demonstrate novel waveguides and devices for mid-infrared wavelength.

Grants awarded

Novel functional components for high-speed energy-efficient photonic interconnects

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Mar 2011 - Dec 2013

Value: £99,000

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