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Yhasmin Mendes de Moura

Mrs Yhasmin Mendes de Moura

Research Fellow


Lancaster University

Research summary

Remote sensing (RS) methods to quantify deforestation have improved markedly since the late 1980s, yet we still lack reliable approaches to assess carbon loss from forest degradation in the tropics. Over the past years I have been addressing this knowledge gap by developing novel RS techniques to quantify climatic and anthropological impacts in the Amazon. Specifically, I have been using RS to quantify changes in structure, phenology and dynamics of tropical forests (see my publications at Google Scholar profile).

After my PhD I joined the large consortium project (GOAmazon) led by Dr. Luiz Aragao at the National Institute for Space Research (INPE-BRAZIL) as an assistant researcher. The objective of this project was to answer what controls photosynthesis in the Amazon and its relations with seasonality. My contribution was evaluate ecological processes by scaling observations from the stand level, where they can be more readily observed, to the landscape level allowing us to better understand these process at large scales. The results of my work bring new insights into RS of the Amazon, an important step to refine current climatic models and place vegetation dynamics into perspective in the role of the tropical carbon cycle.

In my current research we aim to use forefront techniques that are available in the field of RS combining new technologies (LiDAR sensors) and methods (radiative transfer model) to quantify forest degradation and resilience of tropical forests. Quantifying the levels of forest degradation across the Amazon and its related carbon losses will enable us to understand how forest degradation affects forest structure and functioning of forests, providing a sound-basis to the development of potential policy responses to these threats.

Grants awarded

Assessing forest degradation and related carbon loss in the Amazon forest

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Jan 2018 - Dec 2019

Value: £99,000

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