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Yuan Yao

Dr Yuan Yao

Research Fellow


Queen Mary, University of London

Research summary

My current research is focused on THz antennas and THz sources. I have gotten several foundations as a chief and also published several papers in these research fields.

1) Research on UTC-PD THz source. I have studied the basic theory of UTC-PD. An accurate model of UTC-PD is proposed and compared with the simulation results to verify the validity of the model. The processing technic of UTC-PD THz source is studied and several trials have been done to fabricate the UTC-PDs. Design of UTC-PD array source is undergoing.

2) Design of THz compact antenna test range. There is a big challenge in THz antenna measurements. Especially, for the high gain THz antennas measurements, traditional far-field measurement and near-field measurement are not capable to deal with it. Thus, we carry out a research on multi-reflector Compact Antenna Test Range. The working frequency can up to 500GHz and the quiet zone is as large as 600mm. We designed the whole structure and fabricated the reflectors in UK. Then the system was assembled and tested in my lab. Now we are going to design this kind of THz antenna measurement system with high working frequency and larger size of quiet zone.

3) Study of Graphene based THz antenna. Graphene is a very promising material in the electric field. The ability of graphene as THz antennas is studied. The electrical properties are analyzed and then it is applied to real antenna structures which are leaky wave antenna and reflect array antenna. The THz graphene antenna can achieve tunable characteristic easily which can be utilized in many wireless communication scenes. Lots of simulations are done to verify its ability as THz antenna in systems. Now we are fabricating real THz graphene antennas.

4)THz reflect array antenna. Reflect array antenna technique has been proposed for several ten years for its advantages as low profile, high gain and tunability. It is a promising candidate as a THz antenna. Several novel element structures were proposed. They have wideband, compact, or tunable characteristics. Using these elements the real THz reflect arrays are fabricated and tested to verify the design concepts.

5)THz high gain reflect antenna. The reflect antenna is a famous traditional one in antenna history. But when it comes to THz, some design problems appear, such as fabrication accuracy of reflector surface, relative position relation of feed horn and reflector, wideband horn design and so on. We have designed several ultra-Gaussian beam horns as the feed of the reflect antenna. New material such as SiC and carbon fibre are used as the reflector material. These novel THz antennas have been fabricated and test. Now the optimization is in progress.

Grants awarded

An Efficient THz Source Based on Uni-Traveling Carrier Photodiode Array

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Oct 2016 - Sep 2018

Value: £66,000

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