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Zita Balklava

Dr Zita Balklava

Research Fellow


Aston University

Research summary

Research area - cell biology: cell signalling and membrane trafficking.

The cells in our bodies contain different membrane-bound compartments

constantly exchanging their membranes and other molecules in a highly regulated

manner. Proper control of membrane transport between these compartments is of

fundamental importance, and defects in these processes are a cause for many

types of diseases. It is therefore important to understand the players and the

mechanisms they exert to control membrane transport. Fibroblast Growth Factor

Receptor (FGFR) is a molecule located on the cell surface, which receives a

signal from outside the cell and transmits it to the inside of the cell. FGFR

mediated signalling is essential for several aspects in adult life and development,

and defects in signal transduction can cause multiple skeletal disorders and

cancers. We have found that attenuated FGFR signalling results in defective

membrane transport. By analysing how FGFR mediated signalling regulates

membrane transport we will gain a better understanding in how cell signalling and

membrane transport are coupled within the cell, which will help in the design of

new therapies to fight the diseases associated with the defects in both processes.

Grants awarded

Role of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor in regulation of membrane traffic.

Scheme: Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship

Dates: Nov 2008 - Jan 2014

Value: £425,375.20

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