Leading the way: Increasing diversity in the scientific workforce

Leading the way: Increasing diversity in the scientific workforceInspiring Scientists: Professor Saiful Islam

Saiful Islam

Professor Saiful Islam is a chemist who never wears a white lab coat. Rather than conduct experiments in laboratories, he uses the world’s most powerful computers to produce computer models of the inner, ‘atomic’ structure of materials used in ‘green’ energy applications, from the lithium ion rechargeable batteries in mobile phones, tablets and laptops, to futuristic solid oxide fuel cells. His work at the University of Bath aims to contribute to a less polluting, more sustainable future. He was brought up in London by parents who had emigrated from Bangladesh and often finds that he surprises people when he tells them that, in spite of his surname, he is a humanist.

You can listen to Saiful Islam’s full audio interview on the British Library Sounds website.

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