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This section contains all our reports and publications since 1985. For publications before this date, please contact the library.

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Reports & statements
Mar 2014

A picture of the UK scientific workforce

A picture of the UK scientific workforce in terms of gender, ethnicity and disability.

Reports & statements
Feb 2014

Climate Change: Evidence & Causes

Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time. It is now more certain than ever, based on many lines of evidence, that humans are changing Earth’s climate.

Reports & statements
Oct 2013

Modeling Earth's future

A report produced with the National Academy of Sciences on integrated assessments of linked human-natural systems.

Reports & statements
Aug 2013


A case study of Jordan's science and innovation system, which was prepared as part of the Atlas of Islamic-World Science and Innovation project.

Event summaries
Jul 2013

UK-Russia Frontiers of Science

Summary of a UK-Russia Frontiers of Science event held in March 2013

Reports & statements
May 2013

Driving Sustainable Development: the role of Science, Technology and Innovation

The statement explains how science and research can contribute to ensuring sustainable development and asserts that many of the most pressing global challenges can only be met through a systematic approach and by including the global scientific community in the relevant processes.

Reports & statements
May 2013

Drug Resistance in Infectious Agents – A Global Threat to Humanity

This statement recommends a more considered approach to current and future drugs, with strategies defined in guidelines issued by each G8 member, in order to ensure that drugs such as antibiotics remain effective for longer.

Reports & statements
May 2013

UN Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

A statement prepared for the UN Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction on human resilience to climate change and climate-related disasters.

Reports & statements
Apr 2013

Fuelling prosperity: Research and innovation as drivers of UK growth and competitiveness

A statement which recommends that the Government enhances its support for research and innovation with a long-term vision for the UK’s knowledge economy.

Reports & statements
Mar 2013

Progress report

A review of the progress of the Leading the way diversity programme.

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In addition to these publications the Royal Society contributes to reports and statements published by the European Academies Science Advisory Panel (EASAC), InterAcademy Panel (IAP), the Science Community Representing Education (SCORE) and the Advisory Commitee on Mathematics Education (ACME).