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By Professor Laurence Eaves FRS, Professor Alison Mainwood and Professor Robin Nicholas

This meeting will survey recent developments in the physics and applications of carbon-based electronics. The allotropes of carbon carbon nanotubes, single atomic layers of graphite (graphene), fullerene molecules and diamond have emerged recently as new electronic materials with unique properties. In graphene, the conduction electrons behave as massless, quasi-ballistic particles, an effect which can be exploited to make novel transistors. Intense electroluminescence and induced superconductivity have recently been reported in carbon nanotube devices. The meeting will also include talks on superconducting diamond and electronic devices made from diamond and fullerene molecules.

World-leading experts from universities and industry will speak about recent research developments. Confirmed speakers include Professor T Ando, Professor P Avouris, Dr J Butler, Professor J Davidson, Professor A Geim, Professor Iijima, and Professor Christian Schoenenberger.