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Organised by Professor John Nicholls FRS and Professor Julian Paton

A vital area of the nervous system is the brainstem, the region that initiates breathing and maintains blood pressure. Its properties were, however, neglected till recently. New experiments based on developmental studies, optical recording methods and novel transmitters have greatly advanced our knowledge of brainstem circuitry and its regulation, with potential applications to conditions such as hypertension and respiratory disorders.

Invited speakers include: Professor Lawrence Cohen, Professor Jaime Eugenin, Professor Bruce Lindsey, Professor Kenneth J. Muller, Professor Andrea Nistri, Professor Jean-Francois Brunet, Professor Jean Champagnat, Dr Mathias Dutschmann, Professor Richard L. Horner, Dr Sergey Kasparov, Professor Paul M. Pilowsky, Professor Diethelm W. Richter, Dr Jeff Smith, Professor K. Michael Spyer.