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The Croonian Prize Lecture

Professor Linda Partridge, University College London

Research into ageing has been rejuvenated by the discovery of mutations in single genes that extend the lifespan of laboratory animals. Furthermore, at least some of the signalling pathways involved, particularly the insulin/Igf-like pathway, have effects on lifespan that are conserved over the large evolutionary distances between nematode worms, fruit flies and mice. An environmental intervention, dietary restriction, also prolongs life in diverse organisms. In all cases there is a prolongation of healthy lifespan, with a broad-spectrum improvement in function during middle and old age, together with delay or amelioration of a range of ageing-related diseases. These findings have led to an intensive wave of research directed at understanding the mechanisms at work, which this lecture will address.

Linda Partridge holds the Weldon Chair of Biometry at UCL and is director of the UCL Institute of Healthy Ageing. She is the recipient of many awards, most recently the Darwin Medal from the Linnean Society, and was awarded a CBE for services to evolutionary biology. She has also been selected to take part in the 2009 Women of Outstanding Achievement in SET Photographic Exhibition by the UK Resource Centre for Women in SET.

This lecture is free - no ticket or advanced booking required. Doors open at 5.45pm and seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.