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Michael Faraday Prize Lecture by Professor John D. Barrow FRS, University of Cambridge



Michael Faraday Prize Lecture

Professor John D. Barrow FRS, University of Cambridge

We will look at the role of pictures and images in the development of science. From the first graphs and illustrated books to Molscript, the influence of the first pictures of spiral galaxies on Van Gogh's 'Starry Night', to the artistic resonances of the Hubble Space Telescope's images, the mushroom cloud of the atomic bomb, and the intricacy of fractals, we will see how pictures have influenced science and spearheaded its communication to the public today.

Professor John D. Barrow is an eminent cosmologist at the University of Cambridge and a well known science communicator. He has reached huge audiences through his broadcasts, award-winning drama, lectures and best-selling science books. His most recent book, Cosmic Imagery, demonstrates how images have changed our understanding of the world.