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Researchers from the University of Southampton and the National Oceanography Centre have developed a touring exhibit ‘Oceans on Wheels' to show a wide range of fields related to ocean science. The exhibit is interactive and highlights groundbreaking research into many aspects of the ocean environment, from developing robust and versatile underwater vehicles to analysing the sounds of the oceans.

"We launched this interactive exhibit this year to show the broad spectrum of ocean scientific research being undertaken," says Dr. Steve Dorney from the University of Southampton. "Our aim is to provide a fun, informative and interactive encounter with some of the latest research in ocean science."

There are seven modules the exhibit will showcase, including several large scale projects. For example, the RAPID project on climate change works on quantifying the possibilities of a significant change in climate over the next 10 years, with a specific focus on the Atlantic Ocean's overturning circulation. Another module focuses on the SERPENT project, working to make ROV technology and data more accessible to the scientific community to further the search and study of creatures in deep oceans.

"This exhibit is a great opportunity to see and experience contemporary ocean science in action," says Steve.


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