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Scientific discussion meeting organised by The Royal Society Centre for History of Science.

Event details

This two-day conference will bring together leading scientists and historians of science to examine the development of the Royal Society during the 20th century and the Society's impact on science in the UK and beyond.
 The sessions will explore, with worked examples, how the Society has contributed to the development of modern medicine and to aspects of physical, chemical and biological science; how the Society has responded to the growth and exploitation of technology; how it has sought to influence national science policy; its role in scientific relations with postwar Europe, Africa and the Commonwealth; and its work on public understanding of science. The role of women in the Royal Society and how the Society has been portrayed on film will also be considered. The final session will discuss the ways in which an organisation like the Royal Society can have demonstrable impact on modern science, and what can emerge from scientists and historians working together to address these issues.

The conference will help to establish a framework for analysing the significance of the Society in recent decades.

Biographies of the organisers and speakers are available below and you can also download the programme (PDF).

Papers from the conference were published in a special edition of Notes and Records of the Royal Society.