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New vaccines for global health









The Royal Society, London, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG



Organised by Professor Adrian Hill and Professor Brian Greenwood FRS

Recent advances in knowledge of pathogen genomics and of innate immunity provide exceptional opportunities for the development of new vaccines. Development of effective vaccines against some major killers such as HIV, malaria and tuberculosis has proved challenging but progress is being made and many new vaccines have reached the stage of clinical trials. Development of vaccines against some non- infectious diseases is also making progress. This meeting will review opportunities to design, develop and deploy the new vaccines urgently needed to meet global health priorities.

Biographies of speakers, chairs and organisers are available below, in addition to audio recordings of the sessions.

The proceedings of this meeting have now been published in the 12 October 2011 issue of Philosophical Transactions B.

Event organisers

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Schedule of talks

Session 1

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Mr Stephen Cox

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Professor Sir Brian Greenwood CBE FMedSci FRS

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The contribution of GAVI to global vaccination

Dr Julian Lob–Levyt, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation, Geneva, Switzerland

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Innate immunity and adjuvants

Professor Shizuo Akira, Osaka University, Japan

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Session 1, 1st Discussion

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Vaccines to address the needs of a 21st century society

Dr Rino Rappuoli, Novartis Vaccines, Italy

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Session 1, 2nd Discussion

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Session 2

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Progress in the rational design of an AIDS vaccine

Dr Gary Nabel, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA

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Influenza vaccines: what and when?

Professor Albert Osterhaus, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Session 2, 1st Discussion

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Foot and mouth disease and livestock vaccines

Professor David Paton, Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright, UK

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TB vaccines: beyond BCG

Professor Helen McShane, University of Oxford, UK

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Session 2, 2nd Discussion

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Session 3

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Chair, Session 3

Professor Richard Moxon FRS, University of Oxford, UK

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Contribution of vaccines to our understanding of pneumococcal disease

Professor Keith Klugman, Emory University, Atlanta, USA

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Controlling enteric pathogens

Professor John D. Clemens, International Vaccine Institute, Seoul, Korea

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Vaccines against malaria parasites

Professor Adrian Hill, University of Oxford, UK

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Session 4

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Vaccination against chronic diseases

Dr Martin Bachmann, Cytos Biotechnology AG, Zurich, Switzerland

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DNA vaccines

Professor Margaret Liu, ProTherImmune and Karolinska Institute, USA and Sweden

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Introducing new vaccines: challenges of decision making and lessons learned from the recent Hib vaccine introduction experience

Dr Rana Hajjeh, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, USA

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Session 5

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Roundtable Discussion - Future Vaccines Priorities

Professor David Salisbury CB, Department of Health, UK

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Vaccines and future global health needs

Sir Gustav Nossal FRS, Dept. of Pathology, The University of Melbourne Australia

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New vaccines for global health

Scientific discussion meeting organised by Professor Adrian Hill and Professor Brian Greenwood FRS.

The Royal Society, London 6-9 Carlton House Terrace London SW1Y 5AG UK
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