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Organised by Professor Andrew Whiten FBA

This is a satellite meeting related to the ‘parent’ Culture evolves discussion meeting immediately preceding it and held at Southbank Centre. The Culture evolves meeting is focussed on the broad topic of culture, with social learning but one component of this. Talks in the DM will not necessarily be concerned with particular processes of social learning. Accordingly, the Kavli meeting is designed to home in on social learning processes, in a way that complements the Culture evolves meeting. Invited speakers are scientists who have been active in pursuing experimental or other empirical studies aimed at dissecting social learning processes, and in many cases developing taxonomies, theories or conceptual schemes for such dissection. Of the 16 speakers, 8 study children, 4 study human adults and 14 study non-human animals including guppies, tortoises, pigeons, quail, budgerigars, starlings, hens, keas, ravens, jackdaws, dogs, rats, marmosets, capuchins, macaques and all the great apes. As those familiar with the field will know, numerous controversies, from the terminological to the empirical, surround studies of social learning, and these are expected to make appropriate and timely topics for the kinds of scientific discussions now encouraged at the Royal Society’s new Kavli Centre.

Biographies and audio recordings are available below.