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Researchers from five countries have developed a new technology to help find buried landmines.

Landmines cause around 15,000 casualties a year, and it is believed there are still around 100 million buried in 78 countries worldwide. The present metal detector and prodding methods of location are inefficient and deadly – around one trained de-miner is killed for every 1,000 mines removed. “We badly need a better, safer way to find landmines. Holographic radar could give us this. You can see it for yourself from the clear images of the subsurface which it gives,” says Professor Colin Windsor FRS , Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, whose has worked on this project in his spare time over the decade since his retirement.

Visitors to the exhibit will be able to search for ‘landmines’ in a large sandbox using a hand-held scanner.

Exhibited by Culham Centre for Fusion Energy; University of Florence, Italy; Franklin and Marshall College, USA; Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia; Walnut Ltd, Tachikawa, Japan.

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