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Emergent magnetic monopoles in frustrated magnetic systems









Kavli Royal Society Centre, Chicheley Hall, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, MK16 9JJ


Organised by Dr Will Branford, Professor Steven Bramwell, Professor Tom Kibble FRS CBE and Dr Tom Fennell

Recent advances show that magnetic monopoles emerge in spin ice. This opens up new fields of study such as “magnetricity”, testing magnetic topological (including cosmological) system theories and the realisation of equivalent topological defects in “artificial spin ice” nanostructures, with prospective application in evolvable neural network hardware. Related topics on Berry phase physics and domain wall motion will be discussed.

Biographies of the organisers and speakers are available below. Audio recordings are freely available and the programme can be downloaded here. Papers have been been published in an issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A.

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Schedule of talks

Session 1

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Spin ice, monopoles, fractionalization and topological order

Professor Shivaji Sondhi, Princeton University, USA

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Dynamics and thermodynamics in spin ice, natural and artificial

Professor Roderich Moessner, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Germany

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Magnetic charges in spin ice on kagome

Professor Oleg Tchernyshyov, Johns Hopkins University, USA

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Magnetic monopoles in field theory and cosmology

Professor Arttu Rajantie, Imperial College London, UK

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Session 2

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"Magnetricity" in spin ice

Professor Steven Bramwell, UCL, UK

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Artificial spin ice: experimental studies of correlations and disorder

Professor Peter Schiffer, Penn State University, USA

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Session 3

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Transport properties of magnetic monopoles in spin ice

Professor Peter Holdsworth, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France

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Disorder and monopole motion in artificial kagome ice

Dr John Cumings, University of Maryland, USA

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Magnetic dipole configurations on honeycomb lattices: effect of finite size, boundaries, and defects

Professor Hartmut Zabel, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

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Frustration and emergent magnetic monopoles in artificial kagome spin ice

Dr Laura Heyderman, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

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Session 4

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Melting artificial spin ice

Professor Björgvin Hjörvarsson, Uppsala University, Sweden

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Domain walls in interconnected magnetic nanostrips

Professor Russell Cowburn FRS, University of Cambridge, UK

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Gauge fields in real and momentum spaces in magnets

Professor Naoto Nagaosa, University of Tokyo and RIKEN-ASI, Japan

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Magnetotransport measurements of artificial spin ice

Dr Will Branford, Imperial College London, UK

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Emergent magnetic monopoles in frustrated magnetic systems Kavli Royal Society Centre, Chicheley Hall Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire MK16 9JJ