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Quantum-coherent energy transfer: implications for biology and new energy technologies









Kavli Royal Society Centre, Chicheley Hall, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, MK16 9JJ



Organised by Dr Alexandra Olaya-Castro, Dr Ahsan Nazir and Professor Graham Fleming FRS

Evidence that photosynthetic systems are capable of supporting quantum-coherent energy transport at high temperatures has generated controversy over the implications of such phenomena for biology and applications. This meeting will bring together leading scientists from photosynthesis, quantum information, and organic-polymer based research to discuss far-reaching consequences of these quantum effects in the design of novel, robust and efficient energy technologies.

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Schedule of talks

Session 1

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Professor Alexandra Olaya-Castro, University College London (UCL), UK

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Coherence effects in photosynthetic light harvesting

Professor Graham Fleming FRS, University of California Berkeley, USA

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Charge generation from excitons in molecular semiconductors

Professor Sir Richard Friend FREng FRS, University of Cambridge, UK

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Fundamental aspects of electronic energy transfer

Professor Robert Silbey, MIT, USA

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Quantum Information science meets Biology

Professor Martin Plenio, Ulm, Germany

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Session 2

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Understanding excited state dynamics using quantum control tools

Professor Valeria Kleiman, University of Florida, USA

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Coherent multidimensional optical spectroscopy of excitons with classical fields and entangled photons

Professor Shaul Mukamel, University of California Irvine, USA

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Photosynthesis and how to convert solar energy into fuels

Professor Richard Cogdell FRS, University of Glasgow, UK

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Session 3

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Quantum coherence and quantum transport in photosynthetic antenna complexes

Professor Greg Engel, University of Chicago, USA

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Theory of energy transfer beyond perturbative treatments

Professor Yoshitaka Tanimura, Kyoto University, Japan

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Transport and entanglement in model systems of photosynthesis

Dr Markus Tiersch, University of Innsbruck, Austria

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The quantum Goldilocks principle

Professor Seth Lloyd, MIT, USA

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Session 4

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Excitation dynamics in polymers

Professor Laura Herz, University of Oxford, UK

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The role of electronic couplings in excitation energy transfer processes of various molecular assemblies

Professor Dongho Kim, Yonsei University, Korea

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Lessons from nature about solar light-harvesting

Professor Gregory Scholes, University of Toronto, Canada

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Overview Discussion

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Quantum-coherent energy transfer: implications for biology and new energy technologies

Theo Murphy international scientific meeting organised by Dr Alexandra Olaya-Castro, Dr Ahsan Nazir and Professor Graham Fleming FRS.

Kavli Royal Society Centre, Chicheley Hall Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire MK16 9JJ
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