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Satellite meeting organised by Professor Athena Coustenis, Professor Steve Miller, Professor Peter Read and Professor Jonathan Tennyson FRS

Event details

The characterisation of extra-solar planets places great demands on the scientific community and their industrial colleagues alike. Moreover, what could be done has to be set in the context of what can be done, given the constraints of national budgets and the climate for international cooperation. This satellite meeting will discuss in detail some of the key science challenges posed by the preceding London discussion meeting and look to see how they can be met.  

Biographies of the organisers and speakers are available below and you can download the  programme here.

Audio recordings of the meeting are also available. Due to the discussion element, the audio files are linked either to the chair or first speaker of each session plus the following discussion and can be played by clicking on the relevant link under the individual heading.  

The related scientific discussion meeting Characterising Exoplanets: detection, formation, interiors, atmospheres and habitability  immediately preceded this event.

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