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The Labs to Riches 2013 event was held on 31 October 2013.

The event celebrates the Royal Society's support for innovation in science and technology. The highlight of the event is the formal presentation of the Brian Mercer Award for Innovation and the Brian Mercer Feasibility Awards.

Videos of Professor Andrew Abbott and Dr Stephen Hicks, the winners of this year's Brian Mercer Award for Innovation are available. 

Innovation exhibition

At the event a selection of current Industry Fellows, a selection of companies currently supported by the Enterprise Fund and last year's Brian Mercer Award for Innovation winner present posters of their work. These are available for download below.

Please note that these posters are in PDF format and were originally designed to be printed at A0 size.


Dr Caroline Brennan

Zebrafish behavioural assays for safety pharmacology and drug discovery

Industry Fellow, 2012 – 2016


Professor Howard M. Colquhoun

Boosting the Performance of Polyester Film

Brian Mercer Feasibility Award, 2013-2014


Professor Mohan Edirisinghe

Template-assisted Electrohydrodynamic Atomisation (TAEA) Patterning of Bioactive Materials on Curved Metallic Substrates

Brian Mercer Feasibility Award, 2013-2014


Professor Michael Kelly FRS FREng and Professor Mo Missous FREng

Manufacture and evaluation of ASPAT Detector Diodes

Brian Mercer Feasibility Award, 2013-2014


Dr Thomas Meersmann

Development of a cryogen-free 129Xe and 83Kr hyperpolarizer to enable and facilitate pre-clinical MRI of lungs.

Paul Instrument Fund 2012 – 2014 


Professor Russell Morris

MOFgen – Nanoporous Materials for Wound Healing

Mercer Award for Innovation 2012 and Industry Fellow 2011 – 14


Professor Jenny Nelson

Power generation and CO2 emissions mitigation by organic solar cells

Industry Fellow, 2010 – 2013


Dr Barbara Shollock

Surface Chemistry Effects on Single Crystal Aerofoils

Industry Fellow, 2012 – 2014


Dr Jason Smith and Dr Claire Vallance

Advanced chemical sensors based on optical microcavity arrays

Paul Instrument Fund, 2012 – 2014