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Listen to a special podcast on the Summer Science Exhibition 2014 by Quentin Cooper


Quentin Cooper recorded a special podcast exploring some of cutting-edge science at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2014, featuring:

  • X Appeal: A 7 metre long Gorgosaurus skeleton helps scientists use the electromagnetic spectrum to unlock shadows of life from millions of years ago. 
  • Tooth replacement: Meet the scientist using stem cells to grow adult human teeth – could this be the end of implants?
  • Creative cameras: The cutting edge of camera technology – including cameras that see through walls and round corners.
  • Catch a Comet: Soon, a spacecraft will land on a comet for the first time. Hear the technology scientists will use to unlock its 4.6 billion year old secrets. 
  • Technology for Dogs: A chocolate Labrador is just one of the assistance dogs using dog-friendly designs for everything from door handles to ATMs. 
  • Ionic Liquids: Voted the British scientific innovation most likely to influence the course of the 21st century, ionic liquids are set to change the rules of chemistry forever.