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Theo Murphy international scientific meeting organised by Dr Hannah Rowland, Professor Innes Cuthill and Dr Tom Pike

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Birds are adapted to a diverse range of habitats, and operate within a broad range of dietary niches. This diversity of life histories has resulted in an equally varied suite of adaptations for acquiring mates, finding food, avoiding predators and for navigation.  In this meeting, a distinguished list of international researchers encompassing avian vision, taste, olfaction, geo-magnetic sense, nociception (pain), tactile sense, and emotion, will be brought together to discuss new and emerging evidence of the evolution, development, mechanisms and function of avian senses.

You can download the draft meeting programme (PDF), and biographies and abstracts of the speakers are available below. Recorded audio of the presentations will be available on this page after the event.

Attending this event

This event has already taken place. Recorded audio of the presentations can be found below.

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