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Satellite meeting organised by Professor Peter Edwards FRS, Professor Nicholas J Long, Professor James Dye, Professor Dr Bernt Krebs and Professor Harry Gray ForMemRS

Event details

This meeting will honour two great scientists, Davy and Weyl, on the 150th anniversary of the first published work on the nature of stable, bound or solvated electrons formed of solutions of alkali metals in liquid ammonia. Modern views of electron solvation in liquids will be discussed, alongside the related processes of electron transfer and electronic conduction; three phenomena of fundamental importance  to many aspects of the biological and physical sciences.

Biographies of the organisers and speakers will be made available shortly.

Please download the two day draft programme.

Recorded audio of the presentations will be available on this page after the event.

Attending this event

This is a residential conference, which allows for increased discussion and networking.  It is free to attend, however participants need to cover their accommodation and catering costs if required.

Participants are also encouraged to attend the related scientific discussion meeting which immediately precedes this event.