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A number of drop-in activities running over the weekend as part of the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

All these activities will be running from 10am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

Kids' Zone

The Little House of Science will have a range of experiments for young people to try - from banana pianos to volcanos, insects to lava lamps.  In addition, some of our exhibitors will come by during the day to 'show and tell' about their research.

This area is particularly for young people under 10.

Engineers are us

Real-life engineers will be wandering throughout the Summer Science Exhibition to bring the thrill of engineering and the role of engineers to life. If with a flick of a switch engineering disappeared from our lives, what would the world be like? Borrow a pair of engineering goggles and join us in this journey into the world through the eyes of an engineer. Through exploring objects of everyday life (and some fictional ones), Engineers Are Us invites the public to think outside the box (literally) and discover the excitement of being an engineer and aspects of the career that may seem invisible.

Hands-on science

Build your own battery and explore the marvellous world of membranes in these hands-on activities with the scientists, from University of Bath, working to ensure a sustainable future!