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Family shows as part of the 2015 Summer Science Exhibition. Activities are also taking place on Sunday 5 July 2015.  Learn about bubbles, superheros and how to science can help you survive on expeditions.

Three different shows will be available, aimed at different age groups.  Each show lasts approximately one hour.

Adventure Science

Showtimes: 11am, 1pm

An interactive adventure show that explores the science and technology behind the Anturus Expeditions. In this hour-long show, we take a look at the key ideas you need to survive an adventure in the outdoors. From staying warm with smart new textiles created by engineers to keep you dry, to removing microorganisms from water to make it safe to drink by using current technology also used in hospitals.

In this performance, Huw James will look at the sustainability advantages of eating bugs and the nutritional values for survival, and how to make sure you’re prepared for adventure! Field Scientists are some of the best adventurers, after this engaging science show perhaps you’ll want to be a science adventurer too! This event is suitable for children over the age of 10.

Who wants to be a superhero?

Showtimes: 11.30am, 2.30pm

Superheroes are brilliant! Would you like super strength, x-ray vision, and lasers?! Some scientists and engineers turn those skills and powers into reality! This fun interactive show explores our top 5 superhero powers and the real life people that use them with science made simple presenter, Ruth Perkins. This event is particularly suitable for children aged 7-11.

Bubbles and balloons

Showtimes: 1pm

Ruth Perkins, from science made simple, will explore the best bits about bubbles and balloons. From blowing them up to bursting them; discover all the amazing things you can do in between. Can you catch a bubble? Make it last forever or make it square? Can you stick a pin in a balloon or turn it into a helicopter?  This event is suitable for children under 11.

Attending these events

Admission is free. Seating for the shows and participation in the workshops will be on a first come, first served basis. Please note that at the family activities children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times and no adults will be admitted without an accompanying child.

Enquiries: contact the education team.