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Celebrate the 350th anniversary of Hooke's Micrographia

Micrographia, written by Robert Hooke and published by the Royal Society in 1665, was the first major book to examine the world of the very small. Hooke’s sumptuously illustrated volume went on to become a scientific bestseller, capturing the imagination of a wide audience.

This exhibition displays texts from some of the most influential individuals in the history of microscopy, alongside sumptuous illustrations and beautifully preserved examples of different microscope models.

Highlights include the first edition of Micrographia and Anton Leeuwenhoek's single-lens microscope.

Visiting the exhibition

  • Free and open to all
  • Open 10am-5pm Monday to Friday
  • Contact the library on 020 7451 2606 to arrange a viewing

Enquiries: contact the library team.