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Allostery and molecular machines

Scientific meeting


The Royal Society, London, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG


Scientific discussion meeting organised by Professor George Lorimer FRS, Professor Tom McLeish FRS and Professor Amnon Horovitz.

Many cellular machines are ring shaped oligomeric proteins that function by undergoing ATP driven cycling through multiple allosteric states.

Many cellular processes are facilitated by multi-subunit, motor- proteins. These biological machines exploit allostery and the formation of distinct conformational states resulting from cycles of ligand binding and release, driven by the hydrolysis of ATP. We aim to discuss the latest experimental and computational approaches, so as to enhance our understanding of the structural changes underlying the operation of these molecular machines.

The schedule of talks and speaker biographies are available below. Speaker abstracts will be available closer to the meeting date. Recorded audio of the presentations will be available on this page after the meeting has taken place. Meeting papers will be published in a future issue of Philosophical Transactions B

Call for posters – deadline 12 May 2017

There will be a poster session at 17:00 on Monday 19 June 2017. If you would like to apply to present a poster please submit your proposed title, abstract (no more than 200 words, and in the third person), author list, name of the proposed presenter and institution to the Scientific Programmes team no later than Friday 12 May 2017. Please note that places are limited and posters are selected at the scientific organisers’ discretion. Poster abstracts will only be considered if the presenter is registered to attend the meeting.

Attending this event

This meeting is intended for researchers in relevant fields.

  • Free to attend
  • Limited places, advanced registration is essential
  • An optional lunch can be purchased during registration

An evening poster session and drinks reception will be held following the close of the meeting on Monday 19 June. Whilst the posters are free to view for all registered participants, the corresponding optional drinks reception is ticketed. Drinks tickets can be purchased in advance during registration.

Enquiries: Contact the Scientific Programmes team

Event organisers

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Schedule of talks

19 June


Session 1

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Professor George Lorimer FRS, University of Maryland, USA

09:05-09:30 The nicotinic acetylcholine receptor a typical model of allosteric membrane protein

Professor Jean-Pierre Changeux, Collège de France and Institut Pasteur, France

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09:40-10:05 Genetically tunable frustration controls allostery in an intrinsically disordered transcription factor

Professor Vincent J. Hilser, Johns Hopkins University, USA

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10:35-11:05 New approaches for elucidating allosteric mechanisms and their application to chaperonins

Professor Amnon Horovitz, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

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11:15-11:45 Allosteric machinery of chaperonins and molecular chaperones

Professor Ivet Bahar, University of Pittsburgh, USA

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11:55-12:25 Kinetics and thermodynamics of protein assembly

Professor Birgit Strodel, Jülich Research Centre, Germany

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Session 2

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Professor Keith Willison, Imperial College London, UK

13:30-14:00 Breaking symmetry via helix dipoles

Professor George Lorimer FRS, University of Maryland, USA

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14:15-14:45 Dynamic GroEL-GroES interaction revealed by high-speed atomic force microscopy

Professor Toshio Ando, Kanazawa University, Japan

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15:30-16:00 Division of labour among the subunits of a highly coordinated ring ATPase

Professor Carlos Bustamante, University of California, Berkeley, USA

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16:15-16:45 Symmetry, rigidity, and Allosteric Wiring Diagram in multi-domain proteins

Professor Dave Thirumalai, University of Texas, USA

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Poster session and drinks reception

20 June


Session 3

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Dr Paolo De Los Rios, EPFL, Switzerland

09:00-09:30 Allostery in Hsp70s: Intra-molecular pathways and domain dynamics

Professor Matthias Mayer, Heidelberg University, Germany

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09:45-10:15 Can conformational dynamics and allostery be underlying mechanistic principle behind protein evolution?

Professor S. Banu Ozkan, Arizona State University, USA

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11:00-11:30 Cryo-EM as a tool to explore the proteasome, its function and its ligands

Dr Paula da Fonseca, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK

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11:45-12:15 Slow Brownian fluctuations for allosteric signalling without structural change

Professor Tom McLeish FRS, Durham University, UK

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Session 4

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Professor Shoshana J. Wodak, VIB Structural Biology Research Center, Belgium

13:30-14:00 Time-resolved modelling of protein allosteric communication

Professor Gerhard Stock, University of Freiburg, Germany

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14:15-14:45 Exploring cooperativity of folding and binding in the tandem-repeat protein class

Dr Laura Itzhaki, University of Cambridge, UK

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15:30-16:00 Evolution of specificity for allosteric regulators: mechanisms and constraints

Professor Joseph Thornton, University of Chicago, USA

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Panel discussion/overview

Allostery and molecular machines The Royal Society, London 6-9 Carlton House Terrace London SW1Y 5AG UK