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We know surprisingly little about how complex life began. How are we here at all and why has life evolved the way it has? Evolutionary biochemist Nick Lane reveals fascinating new ideas about the singular event that sparked complex life into existence, and asks whether evolution would follow a similar path on other planets.

Dr Nick Lane is a biochemist in the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at University College London, and the author of four acclaimed books on evolution. Nick’s research deals with bioenergetics, focusing on the origin of life and the evolution of complex cells. He was a founding member of the UCL Consortium for Mitochondrial Research, and leads the UCL Research Frontiers Origins of Life programme. He was awarded the 2010 Royal Society Prize for Science Books, the 2015 Biochemical Society Award for his outstanding contribution to molecular life sciences, and the 2016 Royal Society Michael Faraday Prize for excellence in communicating science.

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