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Discussion of the future of low carbon energy in the home


Right now, scientists and engineers around the UK are looking for effective ways to tackle climate change and air pollution, by reducing our dependence on burning carbon-based fuels. The UK gas industry is over 200 years old and until the discovery of methane in the North Sea 50 years ago, heating and cooking used town gas that contained approximately 50% hydrogen.

One idea currently being tested is switching back from methane to hydrogen, but what are the safety considerations and costs to the taxpayer for this switch back to hydrogen in everyone’s homes? What about using hydrogen in our cars instead of diesel fuels to improve the air quality of our roads and towns? Are we right to be wary of hydrogen or does it get an unfairly bad press?
We spoke to engineer Professor Nigel Brandon OBE FREng as well as fielding audience questions and concerns to find out whether you’d let hydrogen into your home.

What is a Café Scientifique?

A Café Scientifique is an informal dialogue-based event with a scientist. A short talk by the speaker is followed by audience questions, an interactive activity and discussion for the rest of the event.