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The second in the Royal Society's flagship series on AI.


Join Marcus Du Sautoy, mathematician, author, and science communicator, as he speaks to leading artificial intelligence experts for a discussion and open forum on AI's applications. 

AI is affecting the public’s lives every day, in ways that might not at first be obvious or visible, with technologies and intelligence in AI constantly advancing, the impact and societal consequences, will only continue to grow. Alongside the benefits, this raises issues of data use and ethical boundaries. 

The talk is the second event in the Royal Society’s 2018 series: You and AI.  We have invited leading experts in big tech, academia and ethics to discuss the potential and pitfalls of advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning and what the future holds for AI and society.

We invite you to the conversation, to hear from the greatest minds in the field and then add your thoughts, opinions and views at our two public question and answer sessions later this year.