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All around us as hidden world is taking over, it is a strange alien world where nothing is as it seems - the world of nanotechnology. 

Join materials scientist Dr Jamie Gallagher as we shrink down and get hands on with the tiny tech that is changing our phones, food, sport and health. Delve into a world where pencils are stronger than steel, metal becomes transparent and robots become doctors.

Running times

This event will run at 11am and 1pm and last approximately 45 minutes.

Ticketed – these sessions are timed and have limited capacity. Please go to the information desk in the Marble Hall to get your ticket on the day of your event. Without a ticket you will be denied entry.

Attending the event

  • Free to attend
  • Registration on the day, get your ticket at the information desk
  • Tickets allocated on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Tickets available one hour before event time 
  • Doors open 15 minutes before start of event
  • Suitable for ages 7+
  • Travel and accessibility information - contact us directly to arrange any specific accessibility requirements 
  • This event is part of the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition 2018

For all enquiries, please email

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