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Why do some people develop psychopathy?

Join Professor Essi Viding as she examines a question that has long puzzled scientists and captured public imagination.

Discover the science behind psychopathy, including the ground-breaking research that shows why some individuals are genetically vulnerable to developing this developmental disorder, and explore whether there is a way it can be prevented.

Ticketed – these sessions are timed and have limited capacity. Please go to the information desk in the Marble Hall to get your ticket on the day of your event. Without a ticket you will be denied entry.

Attending the event

  • Free to attend
  • Registration on the day, get your ticket at the information desk
  • Tickets allocated on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Tickets available one hour before event time 
  • Doors open 15 minutes before start of event
  • Suitable for ages 14+
  • Travel and accessibility information - contact us directly to arrange any specific accessibility requirements 
  • This event is part of the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition 2018

For all enquiries, please email

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