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Join leading AI researcher and Distinguished Research Professor Kate Crawford to debate the biases built into machine learning, and what that means for inequality.


Join Kate Crawford, Distinguished Research Professor at New York University, a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research New York, and the co-founder and co-director the AI Now Institute, as she discusses the biases built into machine learning, and what that means for the social implications of AI.

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) mean that computer systems can now give highly accurate predictions or recommendations, drawing insights from data in ways that were not previously possible and supporting new products or services. In some cases, AI is supporting decision-making situations that have a significant personal or social impact; whether it be informing judicial decisions in sentencing or parole, advising organisations about who to hire (or fire), or contributing to decisions about access to public services. 

Recent years have revealed a number of examples of the difficulties ensuring AI systems work well for everyone, and the subject of bias in AI is a growing area of interest for researchers and policymakers. But what can be done about it? 

In the fourth discussion of the You and AI series, Kate Crawford will explore how experts and researchers are confronting questions about bias, and formulating crucial strategies that might help overcome it. 

On the 11 September 2018, the fifth event in the series, Joseph E. Stiglitz, renowned economist, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences winner and Professor at Columbia University, will explore the potential socioeconomic impacts of AI.

The You and AI series will culminate in two finale events in late-2018 in Manchester and London where Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE FRS and Professor Brian Cox OBE FRS respectively will lead a public debate about these topics and issues. The events will be held on the 28 October 2018 (Manchester) and 11 December 2018 (London) and tickets will go on sale shortly. More details to follow.

The Royal Society’s aim is to make its events accessible to as many people as possible. This is why our events are free and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

For all enquiries, please contact the Events Team.

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