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This Industry Fellows College networking event takes place at the Royal Society on 23 November from 9am-5pm.

This conference will address cross-sector collaborations by bringing together past and current holders of a Royal Society Industry Fellowship and their collaborators.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss issues and successes, and hear about the wider work of the Society. Training courses will also be offered to participants.

This year saw the return of the Royal Society Industry summer placement programme, with students completing a placement with an Industry Fellow. We will be joined at this event by our summer students, who will present their work. New to the College will also be the Entrepreneurs in Residence who were announced in March and will be spending 20% of their time in collaborating universities helping to commercialise research and adapt courses to reflect skills needed within industry.

As well as past and current Industry Fellows, there will be a limited number of places at this event for others interested in the relationship between industry and academia. If you would like to attend, please email with a short explanation as to why you are interested in attending.






Career Spotlight, Then and Now


Sustainable Futures: Blending Science with Genius Thinking


The Royal Society Industrial Fellowship: a career changing opportunity


Workshop: Entrepreneurs in Residence


The Royal Society’s Science Policy team is working to better understand the benefits that research and innovation bring to the UK, the distribution of those benefits across the country and its population, and how best to measure these. As part of this work we are also seeking to understand the conditions needed to translate research and drive innovation and how these conditions interact and change in different environments.

As practitioners with experience of working across the country in both industry and academia, we are keen to explore your views on these broad issues. To do this we shall hold a short introductory discussion as part of the Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiR) meetup on Thursday 20 September 2018. In particular, we would like to gain your perspective on the following:

1. Methods across sectors for capturing the range of benefits of research and innovation, whether in terms of economic benefits, health and wellbeing, sustainability and social and cultural enrichment

2. Approaches and challenges in capturing the distribution of benefits produced by research and innovation at a regional level in the UK

3. Processes for measuring the relative effectiveness of different levers used to facilitate research and translation

Networking Sandpit: Industry Fellows College


How to make 500 contacts in an hour

A combination of short talks and speed networking, the sandpit will be used to make many new contacts in a short period of time. Presenters will be given 60 seconds, a microphone and no slides to cover three things:

1. Who they are

2. Their research area

3. Topics they are looking to collaborate on or need help with.

After five talks, we will hold a speed networking session for 25 minutes. Participants will be given 5 minutes with each partner before re-coupling. Afterwards, the cycle repeats.

Opportunity Identification, Technology Commercialization & Business Models: Key Challenges and Hands-on Tools


In this workshop, participants will learn about the early stage of the technology commercialization process, where they are challenged to identify, evaluate and strategise market opportunities for their innovative technologies and to design business models that can reap the greatest benefits. The workshop is based on an interactive presentation of state-of-the-art knowledge about these critical topics and practical applications of the learned content. In this regard, participants are invited to bring their own technological innovations to the workshop and work on their commercialization, or support those of their fellow participants.


Leading Teams and Influencing Change


Leading and managing teams is a complex proposition. In these sessions, Dr. Sankalp Chaturvedi will teach psychological principles of leading teams and influencing change effectively. The learning points will include: (1) how to lead teams 2) how to influence and sustain change in teams. The session will include learning-by-doing exercise, with debrief and conclusion for effective leadership development.


Student training: The Verbal Business Card


While you are comfortable when talking to fellow academics you may well be anxious when talking to people outside of your academic community.

To help make these conversations a success, we have a few hints and tips for you.

1. You are not a salesperson – and we do not want you to imagine you are.

2. You are not engaged in “selling” anything – the purpose of the conversation is for you to find out things about the people in front of you, and for them to find out about you.

To help you open a conversation we will introduce you to the Verbal Business Card.




Dr Katy Gearing

Head of Industry Engagement, The Royal Society


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