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Schools and colleges

Schools and colleges can visit the Summer Science Exhibition from Monday 2 July - Friday 6 July 2018.

Schools' booking has now closed for the 2019 Exhibition

If you have missed booking your group but would still like to attend this year, please contact the Schools Engagement team as there may be last minute cancellations that we could offer you.

Please keep an eye on our website and social media accounts for content about the Exhibits. These will be available in the run up to and during the Exhibition.

For all other schools booking enquiries, please contact the Schools Engagement team.

How do I bring a school or college group?

The schools sessions are intended for pupils age 14 and above who would like to find out about research currently taking place in the UK and to meet those involved. Do take a look at last year's exhibits for a taste of what is in store.

Schools and colleges can visit the Summer Science Exhibition from Monday 2 July – Friday 6 July. Schools and colleges can register for a place on our booking page. The places are available for schools or college groups of up to 27 students and staff. 

Tickets are charged at £2 each (max of £54 per group) but please note that this cost will be refunded in full once you have attended the event – the fixed price is included as a deposit to secure your place. If you can no longer make the event, as long as you cancel up to 30 days prior to the event you will receive a full refund. If you cancel after this point, your deposit may be retained. 

For any further information about the schools event, please contact

Once you have registered for your session you will be sent an invitation to attend one of the schools talks taking place on your chosen day. The talks and speakers are confirmed for each day as detailed below.

  • Monday: Fire and Ice - Meteorites In Antarctica - What can the most inhospitable parts of the world tell us about our Solar System? Follow Dr Katie Joy's hunt for meteorites in the Antarctic, and find out what they can unearth about our planet's past.
  • Tuesday: Maths's Greatest Unsolved Puzzles - Every mathematical question is a puzzle to be solved, and while there'll be plenty of puzzles for you to explore with Dr Katie Steckles. You will also find out about some of the most interesting questions that still leave mathematicians stumped.
  • Wednesday: The Science of Adventure - Join Huw James on his quest for adventure… and some really great science too. Find out what it takes to investigate science in the wild, and how a STEM career does not mean a life in the lab.
  • Thursday: Science’s Greatest Failures - These days, no one wants to fail, or be seen as a failure. But what if failing led to success? Journey through some famous failures in history and find out from Sarah Cosgriff how, through perseverance, they led to some great achievements.
  • Friday: The unique world of the naked mole-rat - Find out how the secret life of the naked mole rat is helping to create sound art, sculptures and delivering insight into the biology of these creatures. Explore real-time data tracking with Dr Chris Faulkes and Dr Julie Freeman’s team and find out what it can help us understand about hidden communities.
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