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The brain is the most complex organ in your body. It controls your movement, emotions, speech and memory. The brain enables you to sense the world and allows you to make decisions. When brain surgeons operate on cancerous tumours they have to carefully cut away all of the damaged tissue and avoid cutting into healthy brain. 

Scientist Dr Stamatia (Matina) Giannarou is teaching computers to distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells in real time during brain surgery. Future human – and robotic – surgeons will be able to remove cancerous tumours at even a microscopic level, significantly improving the outcomes of patients.

Join us to discuss the use of machine learning in complex operations. What could this mean for the future of brain surgery?

Attending this event

This Café Scientifique is an open scientific discussion. The Cafés are dialogue-based and allow time for discussion between and amongst the audience and the speaker, where you’re encouraged not just to bring an enquiring mind, but your own thoughts and questions.

This event is part of the Royal Society's year-long partnership with the Barbican's Life Rewired season.