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Three hundred years ago, scientist, Robert Boyle wrote a list of things he hoped could be achieved through research. Fast forward to today – and we’ve achieved many of them (from scratch and sniff paper to the art of flying), some still remain unsolved, and we understand and have created plenty of things way beyond his imagination. Read the full Boyles list.

This summer we’ve been talking to the public and developed a new 21st century #PeoplesList of things they would like to be able to do, or better understand through research and innovation. 

Elections were different in Robert’s day, but today research and innovation underpins many of the major issues voters care about, whether it’s improving healthcare, tackling climate change or creating high quality jobs for the future.

The government has set a target to boost investment in research and development to 2.4% GDP by 2027. To meet that target they estimate we’ll need to invest £60bn a year by that date – up from £35bn now. Join our event to find out more about why the party that invest this effectively into science, research and innovation, will be the party that succeeds in Downing Street. 

Chaired by Professor Graeme Reid from University College London. Speakers include:

  • Chi Onwurah MP - Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy, Science & Innovation
  • Professor Paul Whiteley FBA  - The British Academy 
  • Professor Sir John Curtice FBA - University of Strathclyde and NatCen Social Research
  • Dr  Kirsti Ashworth – Lancaster University

This event is hosted jointly with the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the British Academy.

Attending the event

  • Free to attend
  • No registration required

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