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Engineers and inventors have been finding new and exciting ways to use electricity since we first harnessed it over 200 years ago. From the first electric light to the appliances in our homes today, the machines we use are getting smarter. But is that putting us off our natural instincts to take things apart and see how they work?

Professor Danielle George, winner of the 2018 Royal Society Michael Faraday Prize, is an inventor who knows the importance of learning to experiment with mending and improving things from a young age.  Her work focuses on designing astronomical instruments to observe and understand the universe.

Join Danielle for a family-focused interactive talk exploring inventing, technologies and the importance of taking things apart, with a special performance from her famous Robot Orchestra.

Danielle is passionate about giving the next generation the skills to become scientists and engineers, which led her to create the Robot Orchestra with the help of local schools and organisations. 

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