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Monday 1 - Sunday 7 July 2019 | 6 - 9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG

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With more than 22 exhibits exploring the very latest advances in science, and access to hundreds of scientists, the Summer Science Exhibition offers a unique opportunity to explore the science shaping our future with the people making it happen. 

Would you trust a driverless car? Find out how the very latest advances in sensors and artificial intelligence promise to make autonomous cars safer than human drivers. 

What would you say to an alien? Look out to the Universe with the latest hi-tech instruments enabling the search for advanced civilisations in outer space to reach further than ever before. Plus you can join the debate on what, if anything, we should say to them. 

What would it be like to live on the moon? 50 years after the Apollo 11 Moon landings, come and ask our space scientists how advances in British science are taking humanity one step closer to living on this lunar landscape.  

What colour is the sound of rain? Hear from the people living with synaesthesia, a condition that blurs the senses. Find out if you are in the 1.5% of the population thought to have mirror-sensory synaesthesia, which causes individuals struggle to differentiate between their own bodily feelings and other people's.

What's the quietest place in the Universe? Surprisingly it sits next to the M6 motorway… Discover how the use of this state-of-the-art ‘isolation’ laboratory is helping scientists to develop brand new materials and technology in a space that is completely free of ‘noise’.

See all this and more at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2019. Click on the exhibits below to find out more about the research.

Summer Science Exhibition 2019 exhibits

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