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High resolution wave dynamics in the lower solar atmosphere

Discussion meeting


Kavli Royal Society Centre, Chicheley Hall, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, MK16 9JJ


Image of a highly magnetic sunspot, where the photosphere and upper chromosphere (H-alpha; red) can be be seen.

Theo Murphy international scientific meeting organised by Dr David Jess, Dr Peter Keys, Dr Marco Stangalini and Dr Shahin Jafarzadeh.

You can find out more this research team, their research and other activities at WaLSA (Waves in the Lower Solar Atmosphere).

A focused meeting to discuss the current challenges faced in wave studies in the lower solar atmosphere, including those related to spectropolarimetry and radiative transfer in the optically thick atmosphere. Implications imposed on upcoming next-generation ground-based facilities such as DKIST and EST, alongside space and balloon-borne missions like Solar Orbiter and SUNRISE, will also be discussed.

More information on the schedule of talks will be available soon. Recorded audio of the presentations will be available on this page after the meeting has taken place.

Call for posters

There will be a poster session at 5pm on Monday 10 February. If you would like to apply to present a poster please submit your proposed title, abstract (not more than 200 words and must be in third person), author list, name of the proposed presenter and institution to the Scientific Programmes team with the subject heading "Solar atmosphere wave dynamics: poster abstract" no later than Monday 2 December. Please note that places are limited and are selected at the scientific organisers' discretion.

Attending this event

This is a residential conference, which allows for greater discussion and networking. This meeting is intended for researchers in relevant fields.

  • Free to attend
  • Advance registration essential: please request an invite above, providing details of your relevant experience
  • Catering and accommodation will be available to purchase during registration

Enquiries: contact the Scientific Programmes team.

Event organisers

Select an organiser for more information

Schedule of talks

10 February


Session 1

4 talks Show detail Hide detail

09:05-10:00 Helioseismology and active region emergence

Dr Hannah Schunker, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Germany

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10:00-10:40 Radiative transfer through the solar atmospher

11:10-11:50 Waves in the Lower Solar Atmosphere: examining small-scale magnetic elements as a source of waves

Dr Peter Keys, Queen’s University Belfast, UK

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11:50-12:30 HMI observations of MHD waves in the lower solar atmosphere

Dr Aimee Norton, Stanford University, USA

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Session 2

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Dr Marco Stangalini, ASI, Italian Space Agency, Italy

13:30-14:10 Multi-fluid effects on chromospheric waves

Dr Elena Khomenko, Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Spain

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14:10-14:50 Wave coupling and heating of expanding flux tubes in the chromosphere

Professor Tony Arber, University of Warwick, UK

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15:20-16:00 Wave observations with ALMA and IRIS

16:00-17:00 Waves in the Lower Solar Atmosphere: Observations with SST and IRIS

Dr Shahin Jafarzadeh, University of Oslo, Norway

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17:00-18:00 Poster session

11 February


Session 3

4 talks Show detail Hide detail

09:20-10:00 Observations of waves and their energy fluxes

10:00-10:40 Comprehensive MHD simulations of the solar atmosphere from quiet to active Sun

Dr Matthias Rempel, High Altitude Observatory, National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA

Show speakers

11:10-11:50 The modelling and interpretation of magnetohydrodynamic wave modes in sunspots and pores

Dr Gary Verth, University of Sheffield, UK

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11:50-12:30 Observations of waves in dynamic solar structures

Dr Richard Morton, Northumbria University, UK

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Session 4

5 talks Show detail Hide detail

13:30-14:10 Waves in the Lower Solar Atmosphere: setting the scene for the next generation of solar telescopes

Dr David Jess, Queen's University Belfast, UK

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14:10-14:50 Waves captured by spectropolarimetric IBIS obversations

Dr Marco Stangalini, ASI, Italian Space Agency, Italy

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15:20-16:00 Shocks in the lower solar atmosphere

Dr Ben Snow, University of Exeter, Uk

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16:00-16:20 Spectropolarimetric observations of shock waves

16:20-17:00 Meeting overview and future directions (discussion)

High resolution wave dynamics in the lower solar atmosphere Kavli Royal Society Centre, Chicheley Hall Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire MK16 9JJ
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