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The Royal Society believes that academic freedom in the science community is an essential component of excellent science which benefit all of humanity. The Royal Society also recognises that this freedom is under growing threat in many parts of the world, not least as a result of growing political trends of nationalism, populism, and authoritarianism. This event, co-hosted with the Council for At-Risk Academics, marks both the launch of the Royal Society’s statement on academic freedom (PDF) and International Human Rights Day.

Our panellists will discuss what threats to academic freedom faced by scientists around the world today look like and what scientific institutions can do to support the rights and freedoms of scientists globally.

Our panel is made up of:

  • Chair for the evening - Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE FRS
  • Professor Carlos Nobre
  • Professor Veronica van Heyningen CBE FMedSci FRS
  • The Lord Krebs Kt FMedSci FRS
  • Zaher Al-Bakour, Cara Fellow

Attending this event

We look forward to you joining us for an evening of discussion and debate on 'are threats to academic freedom damaging global science?'

  • The event is free to join, registration is required
  • Live subtitles will be available