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Meet some of the experts at the helm of the fight to save our seas.


There are plenty of fish in the sea, or so the saying goes. But for how much longer? With increasing overfishing, growing amounts of pollution and global temperatures rising, our ocean and its ecosystems are under great threat. 

We heard from National Geographic Explorers and other experts at the helm of the fight to save our seas. And, as we enter the UN Decade of Ocean Science, we explored how science and technology can help us to turn the tide and take us towards living sustainably and in harmony with the ocean. 

The event was hosted by wildlife biologist and presenter, Lizzie Daly, who was joined by:

  • Diva Amon, Deep-sea biologist, 2020 National Geographic Emerging Explorer and Director of SpeSeas
  • Jahawi Bertolli, 2019 National Geographic Explorer, CBBC Planet Defender, professional underwater and wildlife film maker and photographer
  • Angela Hatton, Director of Science and Technology at the National Oceanography Centre
  • Richard ThompsonProfessor of Marine Biology and Director of the Marine Institute at the University of Plymouth

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