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What is a bee’s favourite flower, and why should we care?

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18:10 - 18:30


The Royal Society YouTube channel


This event is part of our Summer Science 2021 launch on Wednesday 7 July. A special evening featuring the return of our family friendly Big Summer Science quiz and lightning lecture sessions with some of our incredible 2021 research groups.

A honeybee, feasting on blossom at an orchard. Image Credit: Sasha Stanbridge / Earlham Institute, 2021

Calling all bee saviours, our pollinators are in danger. Factors such as loss of natural habitat and climate change have dramatically decreased our bee population over recent years and the knock-on effects could be huge to both the UK’s food production and local ecosystems.  

Join researchers from across the country as they explore this seemingly innocuous question, which might well save our wildlife and our food.  


  • Dr Peter Bickerton, Earlham Institute
  • Dr Richard Leggett, Earlham Institute
  • Dr Lynn Dicks, University of Cambridge
  • Elie Kent, University of East Anglia
  • Dr Will Nash, Earlham Institute
  • Dr Darren Heavens, Earlham Institute
  • Dr Calum Raine, Earlham Institute
  • Dan Harris, Bee Saviour Behaviour
  • John Everett, Applebee Orchard and Apiary

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What is a bee’s favourite flower, and why should we care?

Join researchers to discover a bees favourite flower and why knowing this information is important.

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