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Discover the future of medicine and personalised pills


This event is part of our Summer Science 2021 launch on Wednesday 7 July. A special evening featuring the return of our family friendly Big Summer Science quiz and lightning lecture sessions with some of our incredible 2021 research groups.

In medicine, 3D printing has already been used to create prosthetic limbs, implants and other devices. But could this technology be used to print personalised pills?

Join Dr Laura Ruiz Cantu and Dr Yinfeng He as they administer an exciting dose of the future of medication. Explore the work that they are doing to print a so-called "wonder pill" that can deliver multiple medications to the body, at the correct dose and time.


  • Dr Laura Ruiz Cantu, Transitional Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham and Dr Yinfeng He, Transitional Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham

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