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Creating connections in Coventry

Discussion meeting


Millennium Place, Hales St, Coventry CV1 1JD


Creating Connections

This one-day conference will be joined by leading experts from academia, industry and government to address scientific and technical opportunities and challenges in the West Midlands.

The day will feature workshops and round-table discussions on diverse topics in science, policy and education. The event will also feature a Lunchtime address and networking session which will bring together delegates from all the events taking place during the conference.

Attending this event

This event is free to attend by invitation - please follow instructions under each session to request an invitation.

Travel and accessibility information: Coventry Transport Museum

Schedule of talks

01 December


Coffee and Registration


Data for Levelling up: data-led transformation of transport in the West Midlands

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Speaking at the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre in July, the Prime Minister set out the Government’s agenda to ‘level up’ the country and ‘close the gap’ between London and other cities across the UK. As part of this agenda, the Government has created the City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement to help upgrade regional transport systems to be as integrated as London’s.

As the National Academy for Sciences, the Royal Society is aware of and has published broadly on the transformative potential of well-governed data use, from research and innovation to improving public services. In this session, chaired by Ed Humpherson (Director General for Regulation, UK Statistics Authority), the Royal Society will look at the links between data and the levelling up agenda, focusing on the area of transport. It will be bringing together industry leaders, academics, and policymakers to discuss how the availability and use of data can help level up transport networks across the UK. Is there equal access to, and use of, data resources for transport systems across the UK? What case studies are there from across the West Midlands? What policies need to be in place at a local, regional, and national level?

Sign up information: Please RSVP to industry-data


Skills and careers for a greener future (Part 1)

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If we are to secure a greener future, then it is crucial that our workforce is fully equipped with a broad range of ‘green skills’ and knowledge. This workshop – split into two sessions and aimed at teachers, school leaders, industry members and academics – will explore the current shape of climate education, the ‘green skills’ gap and how we can future-proof the skills pipeline by forming lasting partnerships between schools, industry and universities. Attendees will be given the opportunity to discuss and debate ways to level-up climate education, whilst also learning about Royal Society initiatives which engage students in climate-related activities.

For enquiries please email


Publishing in a pandemic: a journal’s eye view

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The emergence of COVID-19 has rapidly and radically shifted many aspects of life and business, but what has been the impact on the Royal Society’s publishing operation? How have we as an organisation responded to the challenges of COVID-19? Join members of the Royal Society’s publishing team for a talk and Q&A on these aspects of our work, and some of our future plans. We’ll discuss the experience of rapid peer review, our launch of new journal sections, and our moves to make research more open.


To attend please email industry-publishing


Lunch and Address


Skills and careers for a greener future (Part 2)


Unlocking research and innovation in the West Midlands

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The UK Government has committed to increase spending on R&D to £22 billion a year by 2025 and overall investment in R&D to 2.4% of GDP by 2027. It has also outlined its ambition for the UK to become a science superpower, committed to levelling-up the UK and is seeking to ‘build back better’ in response to COVID-19, including a focus on green growth to deliver net-zero by 2050.  What does this ambition to increase investment in UK research and innovation mean for the west Midlands and its people?

This roundtable will bring together large and small businesses, universities, colleges, research institutes and national and local policymakers and funders to discuss how research and innovation activity varies across the west Midlands, and explore strengths and opportunities.

Through this discussion, we will seek to identify the limiting factors on research and innovation activity in the West Midlands as a basis to explore local, national and UK-wide levers that may help boost this. We will also explore how people across the region can contribute to and share the benefits of research and innovation. We will share the findings of this discussion to inform ongoing policy and influencing activity.




Industry Leaders' Dinner

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The Industry leaders' dinner will take place at a nearby location.

Business leaders and Fellows of the Royal Society will discuss the scientific and industrial landscape in the West Midlands focusing on topics critical to the successful application of science for societal and economic benefit.

For more information, please email

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Creating connections in Coventry

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