Schools programme

UK schools and colleges can now book to take part in an online Schools programme taking place on the mornings of Thursday 8 and Friday 9 July 2021 as part of Summer Science. The Schools programme supports teachers in bringing the forefront of science research into their classrooms; providing younger students with an insight into science research and those making it happen and older students with an opportunity to speak to a wide range of researchers about their work and careers.

Summer Science Schools programme

There are two bookable parts to the Schools programme this year. These sessions and workshops will be delivered via Zoom.

Meet the researchers (ages 16 – 18): Booking is now closed for these sessions. If you have any queries please contact
Date: Thursday 8 and Friday 9 July (Morning only)
Age range: 16 – 18 year olds

These 45 minute slots will provide students aged 16 – 18 the opportunity to hear directly from some of the researchers who are sharing their work as part of Summer Science. Teachers will be able to book in a class* of students who will receive a short introduction to the researchers areas of expertise and then be able to pose their own questions to the researchers about their work and careers via Students will need to have access to an internet enabled device (phone, tablet, laptop etc) during these sessions. Bookings will only be accepted for UK schools and colleges.

Workshops for ages 7 – 14: Booking is now closed for these workshops. If you have any queries please contact
Date: Thursday 8 and Friday 9 July (Morning only)
Age range: 
7 – 14 year olds

These sessions will last between 30 – 45 minutes and will provide a simple, hands-on activity that students can get involved with, linking to research being shared as part of Summer Science. Sessions are suitable for primary level students or those at early secondary level, with suitable age ranges indicated in the description for each workshop. Teachers will be able to book in a class* of students to watch the presentation and follow the guided activity with teacher supervision. .

More details of each workshop, including curriculum links, can be found on the Eventbrite booking page. Priority will be given to bookings from UK schools.

Lightning lecture playlist:
Thursday 8 and Friday 9 July (available all day)
Age range: 14 - 18 year olds

Explore all the big questions being shared during Summer Science through these short, 15 minute summaries, and bring the forefront of science into your classroom. These lightning lectures will be available on a playlist that you can access at any time so that any video can be easily played in a lesson or club setting. To access the playlist please sign up to the UK teachers newsletter where details of the playlist will be shared in early July.

*A class can be of any size but all students must be situated in the same room. The teacher will be responsible for dialling into the booked session or workshop and supervising the students during this time. The Zoom link provided is for use by the teacher only and must not be shared with individual students or their parents. We will only allow one Zoom log in per booking, so if you would like to have more than one class (ie more than one room full of students) in your school take part, please ensure each class/room has a booking of their own.

Please read our acceptable use policy in advance of attending a session.

Contact us 

If you have any queries regarding booked your class to be part of the Summer Science schools programme, please contact or call 0207 451 2562.

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