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Wednesday 6 - Sunday 10 July 2022 | 6 - 9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG

With 16 exhibits exploring the very latest advances in science, and access to hundreds of scientists, the Summer Science Exhibition offers a unique opportunity to explore the science shaping our future with the people making it happen. 

Are berries the key to the next generation of solar power? Discover how easily solar cells can be made with low-cost sustainable materials and how they can be powered by everyday substances like berry juice.

Could a virus control bacteria? Not all viruses are bad - in fact many are fundamental to the Earth’s natural processes and some of them can even infect bacteria and control them to develop specific functions. Dive into the human lung to see how some infections are the result of these virus puppet masters called bacteriophages.  

What would you do if a meteorite fell in your garden? Discover the elements inside the Winchcombe meteorite and how they have helped us understand more about the birth of our solar system 4.56 billion years ago.

How could a llama help us against viruses? Surprisingly, llamas produce smaller antibodies than the human ones. Find out how these antibodies can help humans against all kinds of viruses and why llama farms are becoming more important in treating human illness.

What if we could heal our bodies by remote control? Meet the researchers who are developing treatments for diseases like Parkinson’s, osteoarthritis, or even a broken leg, by injecting stem cells into the body, steering them to a specific location and remotely activating them.

See all this and more at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2022. Explore the exhibits below to find out more about the research.