Computer vision: learning to see the world

03 May 2023 18:30 - 19:30 The Royal Society Free Watch online
Command lines on computer terminal

Bakerian Prize Lecture 2023 given by Professor Andrew Zisserman

Computer vision is a field where the goal is to enable machines to understand and use the visual content of images and videos in a similar manner to humans. In this talk Professor Zisserman will describe how machines are able to learn to recognise objects and actions from a temporal sequence of video frames, together with the audio and speech that accompanies them - an approach that is inspired by how infants may 'learn to see'. He will show applications of computer vision to image search, to recognising sign language (BSL), and to generating video descriptions for the visually impaired.

The Award

The Bakerian Medal and Lecture is the premier lecture in physical sciences. The lectureship was established through a bequest by Henry Baker FRS of £100 for 'an oration or discourse on such part of natural history or experimental philosophy, at such time and in such manner as the President and Council of the Society for the time being shall please to order and appoint'. The lecture series began in 1775. The medal is of silver gilt, is awarded annually and is accompanied by a gift of £10,000.  

Attending the event

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