Using diamond to fight fungus in space?

08 - 09 July 2023 14:30 - 15:30 The Royal Society Free
Haitao Ye - Diamond crystals

This event is part of the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition 2023.

Dangerous fungi currently inhabit spacecraft and space stations, capable of corroding and degrading materials, and ultimately leading to equipment failure. Some fungi also pose risks to astronauts, particularly during extended exposure and in the harsh space environment. 

Dr Haitao Ye While discusses how diamonds could be used for its renowned hardness and also antifungal properties in space.

The work was led by the University of Leicester in partnership with National Space Centre and University of Manchester. 

Attending the event

This talk will be held in the Kohn Centre room at the following times:

Saturday 8 July 2023, 2.30pm — 2.50pm

Sunday 9 July 2023, 3pm — 3.20pm

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