Alternative perspectives - how to embrace neurodiversity

21 February 2024 19:30 - 20:20 The Royal Society Free Watch online

Join a panel of experts as they explore neurodiversity and creating an inclusive world. 

Join us for a captivating panel discussion and Q&A to explore neurodiversity. Find out more about the ways we experience the world around us, and how we can make this world more accessible with our panel of experts.

Professor Eva Loth, Professor Julia Simner, and Professor Sara Rankin will talk about current research and their personal experiences in this panel discussion chaired by Dr Steve Cross.

Attending this event

  • The event is free to join and registration is not required
  • Live subtitles will be available in person and online

Attending in person

  • Over-18s only (this event is part of Royal Society lates: what's on your mind?)
  • Doors will open at 7.15pm and admission will be on a first-come, first-served basis
  • This event may be popular and entry cannot be guaranteed
  • Travel and accessibility information - contact us directly to arrange any specific accessibility requirements
  • This event will be silently screened in our quiet room with subtitles

Attending live online

  • The event will be livestreamed on the Royal Society YouTube channel
  • You can take part in the live Q&A which will be available on this page
  • This event will be recorded and the recording will be available on YouTube soon after the event

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About the speakers

Professor Eva Loth

Professor Eva Loth is an associate professor at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London. Her research uses developmental, cognitive and neuroimaging approaches to understand the processes in 'typical development' and neurodevelopmental conditions, notable autism.

Professor Sara Rankin

Sara Rankin is a Professor at Imperial College London working in the field of Regenerative Pharmacology. Throughout her Scientific career she has been committed to societal engagement and promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM. She has led a range of collaborative projects including a National sci-art exhibition, science pop-up shops and the first National Black Graduates Career Conference. Professor Rankin is dyslexic and dyspraxic and her most recent work seeks to promote neuroinclusion in STEM education and careers. 

Professor Julia Simner

Professor Julia Simner is a professor of neuropsychology, specialising in multisensory processes. The sensory differences she studies include: synaesthesia, misophonia, sensory sensitivities, aphantasia, dysikonesia, and subgroups within autism.

Dr Steve Cross

Dr Steve Cross is one of the UK’s leading science communicators, trainers and facilitators, helping experts to become the most engaging and interesting versions of themselves. He’s the founder of Bright Club, the international programme of research-based comedy nights, and can be heard every week on The World’s Only Science Podcast. Steve was diagnosed with ADHD in 2021.