Talk: Fumes for flowers

03 July 2024 10:30 - 11:00 The Royal Society Free Watch online

This event is part of the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition 2024

Imagine a city where people, vehicles, and roads work together to protect the planet and improve our lives. This is Dr. Alina Patelli's vision, and she's making it happen by training the AI experts of the future.

Alina will show how her cutting-edge AI tracks how vehicles move through busy roads using traffic data, all while keeping drivers' and pedestrians' privacy safe. Her AI can predict traffic for up to two months, helping everyone from transport authorities to holiday travellers plan their trips. It's easy to use, accessible to all, and eco-friendly.

Join Alina for an exciting interactive session where you'll learn about her special kind of AI and see how it can improve urban transportation. You'll even get to try out some of her AI algorithms yourself.

Let’s talk urban traffic prediction. For our communities. For the environment.

Dr Alina Patelli is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, with Aston University, Birmingham. She holds a PhD in computer science awarded by Aston University in 2017, and one in systems engineering awarded by her Romanian alma mater in 2011. She is also a member of the UK Young Academy.

Alina is dedicated to advancing the environmental agenda through ethical, safe, and considerate use of artificial intelligence. Specializing in evolutionary computation, a biologically-inspired AI, she develops technologies that support the net zero strategy, including intelligent transportation.

Attending the event

This talk will be held in the Kohn Centre on Wednesday 3 July 2024, 10.30am - 11am.

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  • Suitable for students (14+)
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Image credit: iStock, XH4D